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 Raw Acacia Vanilla Honey:

Sweet Honey - Good!
Vanilla - Good!
Acacia honey with vanilla - Amazing!

The honey's delicate flavor and the aroma of a real vanilla bean floating in it just make it the perfect honey for ... ?
well ... just about everything.
It's good on toast and will improve any tea or drink.
And if you're having a bad day and nothing wants to go your way, just eat a spoonful of this honey and it'll pick you up immediately!
Due to the acacia honey's special properties, it won't crystallize for a long time.

We offer discounts for bulk purchases, so might as well stock up!

1.11 lbs / 500 g jar.

Made in Germany.

Manufactured by Bienes Honighaus - Augsburg/Germany

Do not feed honey to children under one year of age!




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