Orange Blossom Honey - raw

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Orange Honey:

Feel like taking the day off and spending it in an orange grove?
Sounds good, but it's easier to spread a thick layer of our raw orange blossom honey on your toast,
enjoy it´s cheerful light amber color and a hint of the pleasant fragrance of orange blossoms and shut the world out.
And besides, your boss won't ask you where you've been...
For you tea drinkers out there:
We recommend this honey especially with lemon-flavored teas, be it green or herbal teas or even Earl Grey.

We offer discounts for bulk purchases, so might as well stock up!

1.11 lbs / 500 g jar.

Made in Spain.

Manufacturer: Bienes Honighaus - Augsburg/Germany

Do not feed honey to children under one year of age!




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