German Marzipan Honey - raw and creamy

German Marzipan Honey - raw and creamy

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$12.90 / bottle(s)
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Delivery weight: 1 lb
1 oz = $1.47
1 oz = $1.47

Marzipan Honey:

If you like almonds and marzipan, you simply have to try this creation of ours!
It has a marvelous texture and the flavors of raw honey and marzipan mix deliciously...
Marzipan is a very popular European confection made of almonds and honey.
In Germany you can buy it pure, as part of cakes, cookies and dessert or simply covered in chocolate.
It's delicious in any form, so don't hesitate to order this spreadable version at our shop!

Raw honey & marzipan (alomonds and honey)

8.8 oz / 250 g jar.

Made in Germany.

Manufactured by Bienes Honighaus - Augsburg/Germany

Do not feed honey to children under one year of age!

Product contains almonds and may contain traces of nuts. 
Our flavored honey jars are produced on equipment that process hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts, almonds or other nuts. 
Questions or concerns, please contact us by email: or phone: (773) 358 2299



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