1. Do you have raw honey?

All kinds of honey we sell here are raw. We never heat, pasteurize or process pure honey.

2. Do you have unfiltered honey?

Our honey is unfiltered honey: All honey extracted from a hive undergoes a basic filtration by the beekeeper to remove larger solids. We only filter this one time to get the bee-parts out of the honey – but that is it!

3. What is the difference between this honey and the honey I get from the grocery store?

The most commercial honey is heated, pasteurized, processed and/or filtered. We do not! This is perhaps one of the most important characteristics and health benefits of the final product, as it preserves all the natural vitamins, enzymes and other nutritional elements. Real raw honey is quite different from processed honey for these reasons. Many honey jars you will find in the grocery store are more of liquid sugar than honey.

4. How do you know that the bees only fly to this specific flower/area?

We do not know. We place the beehive into a field of flowers of whom we want the nectar to have collected. The bees always visit the nearest flowers. We get a very high percentage of pure honey that way.

5. What does the name mean (e.g. “Pine Honey”)? Do you add Pine Flavor?

No. In contrast to our flavored honey, we do not add anything to the pure honey: The taste and color depends on what the bees are pollinating.

6. Does honey spoil?

Pure honey never spoils. Taste and color might change. Honey might crystallize. That does NOT mean that it is gone bad! The process of crystallization is a sign of quality: Heated, pasteurized or processed honey never crystallizes.

7. Why does honey crystallize?

This is a natural process and a sign of quality (see question 7.). You can re-liquefy the honey.

8. How can I re-liquify crystallized honey?

Place the jar in warm water and stir until the crystals dissolve. DO NOT microwave, DO NOT put the honey in the oven.
CAUTION: above 120°F the beneficial enzymes in the honey degrade and stop being effective.

9. Do I need to refrigerate honey?

No. Best storage temperature is 70-80°F (room temperature).

10. Is it pure honey?

Yes. Except our flavoured or blended honeys.

11. What is whipped honey? Is whipped honey “raw honey”?

The creamy texture is the result of its being whipped during the natural process of crystallization. It is still pure, raw honey.

12. What should I do with these various kinds of honey?

You can put honey in tea. You can eat honey on toast, bread, waffles, pancakes, crackers (depending on the kind). Even salad dressing or on fried chicken (Acacia Vanilla Honey!).

13. Are the gummy bears made with real honey?

Yes, they are. They contain 5% of honey.

14. Are the gummy bears Made with gelatin? Are the gummy bears vegan?

They are made with gelatin. They are not vegan!

15. Why can the color of beeswax vary?

First of all: Our candles are made from 100% pure beeswax – a natural product from the bees.

– The color of the wax depends on they kind of flower the bbes have been foraging on (lighter or darker yellow)

– Beeswax fades after time and gets a white film – this is a natural process and guarantees the purity of our beeswax. 


16. Can I restore the original condition of the candle without a white film!

No problem! You can heat the candle in the sunshine or blow it using a hair-dryer.


More questions?
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